Monday, December 12, 2011

Reflections on the Webcasted Presentation by Dr. Nellie

In the last Saturday In  EDU401 class .At  the beginning of the class  Dr, hala told us a funny story  then,  we  had virtual class with Dr ,Nellie .It was fun and new experience for me . The class was interactional. We made chatting with each other's and with some teachers in linguistic department  and teacher from another country. Dr, Nellie was the presenter of a virtual class .The network was very slowly we can't hear clearly .She gave us a web-casted presentation about using virtual classes in teaching .She describe some tools and files to show us. she was write, draw and highlight on the whiteboard .The white board was consists of various components such as various shapes, lines, eraser, pointer, etc. We were chatting and listen in the class at same time but actually it was a nice class.                                                                                                                                                  

  In my view ,there are many benefits to use virtual classroom  for students  provides an interactive online environment for teaching  makes it possible for students to interact with teachers at different times and at various locations and Property direct interaction with sound only or sound and image, Creates an environment of active and exploratory learning. Students that are performing poorly in certain subjects can join virtual classrooms to boost their grades. They are able to keep a stronger learning atmosphere for all students than in traditional learning classrooms. This enables learners to be taught by a variety of different experts in the field of their choice. This also allows for quality teaching even in communities. Students are able to use different web based learning tools to boost their skills. 
 Finally, I would use virtual classroom in future for my students is too important use technology in classroom to provide to the students  better understanding in classroom . Virtual classrooms help us bring experienced faculty from all over the world. Using virtual classroom is important to the student they can find group and individual activities, discussions, quizzes, etc. It's  useful way that it can provide students more participant  and interactional.. .

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The role of WeQuests in learning a foreign/second language?

Webquests are a very common way of using Web resources to research a variety of topics and to develop both written and oral communication. A webquest is a research activity that requires the learner “to collect information about a subject using the web. WebQuests also have the ability to integrate on-line resources with student-centered, activity-based learning. In addition, the concept of Internet discovery has improved the ability of the student to construct  own learning through WebQuest activities.
 Web Quest gives students the functions and specific activities to enable them to use sources of knowledge available to solve the problems raised in addition to learning life skills such as discovery, reasoning and inference and generalization, so the responses when dealing with the knowledge is not specified in advance, but there is creativity and learning an active and sustainable. Web Quest is a modern and fantastic occupancy and activation of the students to explore knowledge in a planned and sequential through educational activities, methods of teaching education depends on information technology and work groups such as the methods of problem solving and active learning effective, which makes the student center of the educational activity . Critical thinking cannot be taught by lecturing. Critical thinking is an active process, while, for most students, listening to lectures is a passive activity. The intellectual skills of critical thinking--analysis, synthesis, and reflection--must be learned by actually performing them. Classroom instruction, homework, term papers, and exams, therefore, should emphasize active intellectual participation by the student. This WebQuest is designed thematically to enable students to acquire critical thinking skills. The emphasis of this WebQuest is for students to discover new information which will allow them to become independent thinkers. Webquests allows students from many locations to work together while learning about a particular subject and searching for information.                                                                                                                                                                 In my opinion, Web Quest allows students to explore specific issues and achieved self-knowledge and achieve the building of his own knowledge and creativity and the student can deal with the knowledge in a way beneficial process does not depend on the conservation and memorization

Friday, October 14, 2011

Reflection on the three weeks:             

 Advances in technology have led to the birth of many new methods of electronic communication, such as social networking websites, instant messages and emails. The increase of electronic communication has helped to eliminate time and distance as obstacles to communication. This has been beneficial to many parts of society, including , education. Computer-mediated communication also helps to make research more convenient for us.
 We are beginning to see lectures in the form of online videos as well as using  Twitter ,wiki, blog  and Facebook as platforms to discuss and share materials from the classroom.
In this course Edu401  we start to create account in many sites like yahoo group ,blog, wiki space  and delicious. I find it very interesting ,sharing experiences and gaining information.                    during my academic study I am using online wiki  to learning and search  due to this site content richer of  info,  also I have my site  on facebook to connect with other classmate. In addition, we can used  Skype to improve language skills by communicating with foreigners through internet calls.
Thus, the technology plays a big part in facilitating the future of learning.


Monday, October 10, 2011

In my opinion, technologies can help the students to be more interaction and communicate with others and sharing information in easiest way. Technology really help developing and enhancing the learning process. It would expose students to more useful technologies they can benefit its uses.  
I  would start by teaching them how to create an account in : Blogger and wiki space and delicious after that I would create a tutorial for them to follow and let them try to do it on their own..
Use the  blog for my students to improve their skills such as writing writing  grammar, reading and other skills  .Blog can be used to tell the students about the class needs and post assignments and homework.                  
1-They have to go to blogger  and click sign up and then fill up the blanks. After  finish the  three steps click on follow in each page. Name your blog .make sure to write or save your URL link to your bloge ,name and pass word.  
wiki  is a website that allow the easy making and editing of any pages. It used to create shared wiki websites and exceptionally useful tool for getting students more involved in curriculum.
 go to wikispaces and start signing up and filling the blanks  with your information.

After that creating  the delicious account :
go to delicious and start signing up and fill in  the blanks with your information . save your URL link to your delicious account . start bookmarking and adding the links you need to add tag your link.